Thursday, May 08, 2008

Screeen prints/ printmaking

5 color print.

3 color print

5 color print

photo etching is lufffff! spring '08

Digital Work

Second project using Illustrator. Really time consuming program..I actually am starting to understand how it works. We had to create our own band, name, but using three famous people. Spring '08

Character design. we had to incorporate our characters into a photo environment using photoshop and the pen tool.

Yes, this one is an actual painting.
Acrylic. Spring '08

First CCA semester

rock poster. Jack Penate inspired. Fall '07

The tweedle brothers.
how much work goes into one illustration...
thumbnails, sketch, final sketch w/value study, color studies, final piece

Halloween napkin. Fall '07
watercolor, pen and ink

Halloween fish. exercise. Watercolor, pen and ink, Fall '07

Acrylic on paper. Fall '07

Acrylic on canvas '07

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Strawberry Dream. Watercolours. '05

Mixed Media study. '06

Bear. charcoal study. '06

Toulouse meets Dr. Seuss. Watercolors Spring '07 (DVC student art show)

My favourite pair of shoes. Spring '07 (DVC student art show)

Bear. Chicken wire, twine, ribbon, metal objects. Spring '07

Monsters, Etching. Watercolors Spring '07

Elephant study. Graphite. London, UK
Fall '05