Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring fair

So I must say its time for a blog update dont you think? Ive been pretty busy lately with everything, but wishing I had more time to paint.

I started working with textiles and making more elaborate card designs. I can say I'm doing well. Last Saturday was the Spring Fair at CCA (sorry I forgot to mention an open invite on here) but I thank those who came, and those who bought my stuff and gave helpful tips on where to go next. You have no idea how surprised I am with the outcome!...Perhaps you'll be seeing my cards and work in stores sometime soon... :) anyway here's some pictures for those who missed the Fair.

Ps trying to keep the etsy store updated!


xTiNA said...

Hey Monica! It's Christina and I met you today at your job! LOVE your work! Keep it up!! :)

Monica said...

hey christina! It was nice meeting you...hope that fabric works out. keep me posted. Thanks for checking out my blog; I'll try to keep it updated more often! :P