Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cards in progress

I'm on a mission to make a card a day. Why, not? Everyone is need of a card someway am I right? Hopefully I'll find a quicker way to make them, perhaps it'll be easier once I buy a new printer..

** edit** added a paypal option below, if you're interested and want to buy directly if you dont want to use etsy..if you would like a custom card, please feel free to email me! (or any queries such as payment!)

PS my etsy has been updated too.


Brynn Metheney said...

Monica, These are wonderful! I love how you've used buttons! (they are like my favorite things) Beautiful work. You should make a "Its a Girl!" card or something along those lines. I have a friend who is expecting... wink wink* and I would love to purchase one of your cards for her! :D

sangria girl said...

cupcakesssss !!!!
i love fathers day sailor card!!!!
<3 <3

Monica said...

Thanks brynn! I love buttons too! and ribbon and glitter...haha they are my thing now. oo yes maybe I can do something about that card for you.. ;)